The Truth you’re NOT being told

Now I am aware that many people don’t want to know the truth, they would rather turn a blind eye or stick their head in the sand. Unfortunately sticking your head in the sand leaves your bottom up in the air and fully exposed to be  … well … I think you get the picture.

I have had a chance to review the comments and actions that have unfolded, or not unfolded, in the passed few days. Firstly, I am only doing what my heart tells me to do. I believe in the lecture below I was given the true events, but ‘wrong’ date for a reason, that reason being to expose people’s true state of heart prior to the actual events unfolding. And oh how it has done that. Just look at how people have ‘turned’ venting their anger. I told everyone NOT to believe me, to do your own research and trust your own heart. But look in the mirror, how did YOU choose to react? I am just a trigger to bring these things to the surface. Some of you sent wondering blessings of awareness, others vicious attacks. I have noticed only one thing can create such reactions in people – Truth – either their recognition of it, or denial of it. If people even bothered to ask politely, we would have responded, but alas people choose to attack blindly without even thinking. That is a sad reflection on them. The events WILL happen – when? The next 6 weeks may well have many people eating their words. But how many will be able to shift what is in their hearts?

Dec 21 2012?

or Sooner?




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  1. Alex says:

    An ostrich and an eagle are basically identical in terms of their genetic DNA, however the eagle sees much more soaring above the montains than the ostrich who sticks his head in the sand, with his butt in the air

  2. Mary says:

    Alex, you are a gem; I am sure you know there is no need to respond to cutting remarks which have nothing to do with you. Bless you for taking the time to connect the dots and for having the courage to put this video together for those who needed to hear it and share it. I am very grateful to you. I have always followed my heart and I have always found the most superior practitioners, teachers and helpers. May we all stay wide open in the coming times.

  3. jcsu says:

    Thank you for your research and time to explain so many things that are going on right under our noses!
    I bet there are many folks, myself included….have been having a tricky time putting all the pieces into the HUGE puzzle…so it was nice to listen to you bring some sense to it all. FEMA CMAPS are all over, and folks can just look into this on the interet quite easily. Reading books by JIM MARRS or DAVID ICKE also helps to understand what is going on…behind the sences.
    I, have been into this convoluted information for a number of years, and I have discovered it can be very difficult to figure out what is DIS-information as well as WHO to TRUST.
    I finally gave up!! And decided to just read all that I can, but only TRUST MYSELF! Once I made that choice, it all has been very easy! and FAR LESS frightening, too.
    Besides, so much of the crap that might happen, is out of my own control anyway, eh?
    but it does give one pause….aa well as an opportunity to really “apprieciate each day we are given”….and never mind about the rest.
    as I said, most of “IT”….is out of our hands anyway.
    Again, thanks for the “FREE” lecture. Back to the front porch and my lovely rocker….to enjoy the evening! Namaste..JCSU

  4. sam says:

    Well done Alex and co, awesome information and easy to understand (why can’t everyone comprehend this? Too much floride in the water lol) this seminar should have been on big screen tvs all around the world years ago, but people probably would have started dissapearing, anyway great job and all the best to everyone! exciting times ahead..

  5. Marcel says:

    I was impressed by your knowledge, but I am not surprised by your conclusions. We are all one, and we have all chosen too be here at this incredibly important time during the history of our plnaet. Your work is important but unfortunately many humans are ignorant. That is nothing new. Bless you and all the best!!

  6. Alex says:

    We all receive the same information, but we all have different filters

  7. Vanessa says:

    Most psychics cannot give an exact date…although I do think the events will happen and I really like Alex delivery of the information. Thank you for sharing this important information with humanity!

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